"Creative, innovative, punchy, practical, challenging, thought provoking, actionable and an extremely enjoyable experience to boot!"
David Ogilvie
Lloyds International Retail Banking, 2011
For nearly 20 years we have worked with big and small brands across the globe harvesting deep new learning, generating powerful insights from it and facilitating their application in the marketplace. We have always included all stakeholders in our exciting, bespoke Breakthrough SuperGroup projects. We specialise in Breakthrough Innovation through our unique 'extended cocreation' methodology.

We draw upon a potent spectrum of expertise ranging from Behavioural, Social and Mainstream Psychologies, to Education and acting techniques.

This makes our understanding of human behaviour very deep indeed.

Below is a sample of clients we proud to serve and to have served.

We really are a well kept secret - we really are very different.

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